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Two Properties One Mission

Addiction is a disease of isolation. As the alcoholic/addict becomes more ensnared by his addiction, he removes himself from community and relationships (family, friends, work). At Addison House we seek to challenge this pattern and lead our residents back to lives of lasting meaningful relationships. All of our residences are single family homes with shared living spaces (living rooms, kitchens, dining rooms, outdoor BBQs and firepits). TVs are in the living rooms not the bedrooms so residents learn to relax together. By sharing these common spaces, they begin to recover the skills of communal living and healthy boundaries. Through house chores and weekly House meetings, residents learn to become accountable to each other for the maintenance of their common living spaces.

The Houses: Text

Blue House

Both houses have the same amenities.

Updated Appliances

Memory Foam Mattresses

Gym Membership

55in Flat-screen

The Houses: Facilities

Frequently Asked Questions

How many people share a room?

The rooms are spacious. Shared rooms are twin extra long and private rooms are queen size beds. There is no more than two in a room.

What is the minimum stay?

Clients must stay a minimum of 90 days. There is no limit on how long you stay, we work with the family to determine the best plan that involves personal growth and security.

Can I have a car

Most of our residences have cars, but the vast majority do not have immediate access or limited access. Each recovery plan is developed individually so there is no set circumstances.

Do I have to got to IOP

If you're enrolled in an IOP program we will hold you accountable to attend, but there is no requirement. You can be a resident and not be in IOP.

The Houses: FAQ

Brown House

High quality and comfort

Meditation Garden

Drug Testing

High Speed Internet

Premium Linens

The Houses: Facilities

Housing Photos

The Blue and Brown house are equally nice.

The Houses: Gallery
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