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Recover at Addison House

Recovery Home

The Program: Welcome

How To Begin The Journey With Addison House

The Program: Text

Step One

Pre-screen, schedule a tour, or call and determine if it is the right environment

Step Two

Intake, develop a plan, set recovery goals, budget, and get acquainted with community.

Step Three

Recovery education, step work and meetings.

Step Four

Establish your program and then begin supporting the newcomer in recovery. It is time to give back.

The Program: Services

House Rules

Recovery is a process unique to the person, which is why we develop each recovery plan thoroughly with the resident and family in mind. Everyone's recovery process is individualized. Our aftercare model is built around continuum. Clients are met where they're at. 

To learn more about all that we have to offer, keep reading through our site, book a tour or contact us with any questions. Join our residence, and you’ll soon discover what sets us apart. Housing rules include:

  • Mandatory 12-Step Program participation

  • Coordination and engagement with outside therapist and/or IOP program Interaction

  • Professionally Trained Staff

  • Weekly House Meetings

  • Weekly 12 Step Literature Meeting

  • Weekly House Dinner

  • Life Skills Program (Nutrition, Money Management, Budgeting, Job Search Skills, Goal Setting, Organization, Vocational Aptitude and Planning.)

  • Managed Debit Card

The Program: About Us

Our Services

Life Skills

This component includes budgeting, financial management, and resume building.

Recovery Education

We are founded in the twelve steps and offer extensive eduction on the steps, but we do recognize they are not for everyone.

Case Management

Create a care plan, set up clinical needs, and receive motivational interviewing.


Successful aftercare involves building relationships and trust with people who understand your struggles.

The Program: Services
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We are here for you at your time.


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